This page contains tasks and status for attitude model development.


ModelMilestonOwnerSpecPrototypeIntegrationDeveloper TestsSystem TestUser Docs
Nadir pointingPrototype by Feb.SPHSPH:     
Spin about vectorPrototype by Feb.KAIST      
Body pointingPrototype by Feb.KAIST      
Precessing-nutating Spinner        
Attitude file        
Attitude slewPrototype by Feb.KAIST      
GMAT Function SPH      
User DefinedPrototype by Feb.SPH      
Plugin SPH      

Phase Descriptions


  • Write interface spec documenting how the model works
  • Write Math Spec documenting how the computations are performed
  • Write test plan
  • Review the documents


  • Write MATLAB prototype
  • Write prototype tests
  • Generate truth data


  • Write C++ code
  • Work with GMAT developer to integrate into GMAT code

Developer Tests

  • Write units/integration tests for C++ conversion functions

System Tests

  • Write script tests for GMAT test system
  • Work with GUI testers to write GUI tests

User Docs

  • Move user-targeted content from spec to User Guide
  • Move math content from spec to Math Spec
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