Configuring Email Notifications

Email-notifications are managed in the post-receive Git-hook.  Our post-receive currently uses the default contributed post-receive-email shell script located at


on gs-mesajade.  This hook is wired up through a sympolic link in teh repository's "hooks" folder, set by the command

ln -s /usr/share/git-core/contrib/hooks/post-receive-email /home/GMAT/git/gmat.git/hooks/post-receive

The address for the mailings is set like this:

git config --add hooks.mailinglist ""

and updated like this:

git config --replace-all hooks.mailinglist ",,,,"

The "sender" is left blank, but if we need to set it, that is done this way:

git config --add hooks.envelopesender ""

Entries are removed like this:

git config --unset hooks.envelopesender

The project name is in the file "description" in the bare repository on mesa-jade. 

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