This page contains links to minutes for GMAT's weekly team meeting. The minutes are stored as individual Google Documents.

NewRunning meeting minutes document







Previous minutes are located at the GMAT Forums. The minutes were started based on this template (external link), though generally each week is just copied over to the next. The template has not been kept up to date.

Minutes Workflow

The process of recording meeting minutes is as follows:

Meeting day

  1. Send out an email to everyone with a link to the new document.

In the meeting

  1. Bring up the minutes on your laptop
  2. Record discussion and decisions for each item
  3. Submit tickets in JIRA (external link) for any action items

After the meeting

  1. Copy the previous week's minutes document and change the name to the new date.
  2. Change the sharing preferences to publicly-viewable and publicly-editable.
  3. Add a link to the top of the list above.
  4. Delete the following information from the new copy:
    1. Present column in the Attendees list
    2. Status, Discussion, and Decisions sections from the previous week
    3. Upcoming milestones that have passed
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