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  1. Sentence form (most words lowercase) is preferred, unless an original capitalization is consistently used. Normal exceptions, such as proper nouns, apply.
  2. Page titles should be Heading 1.

A TOC macro can be added to a page BEFORE the first section heading.  The TOC macro is avaialable from the Insert Menu.


Use the paragraph menu to define heading levels.  This insures that the headings appear in the TOC.

Inline text Typographic Convensions

Use the following conventions for different types of text elements. For exact font specifications, see the Visual Style section. There is an extensive list of other styles in the Microsoft Manual. Those styles should apply unless explicitly different in the table below. To add to this table, consult the DocBook Reference for available elements.


Default formatting

Running text

default font



Defined term (first occurrence)


File names


GMAT items (resources, commands, fields, parameters)


GUI elements (menus, buttons, field names)

User inputbold monospace

GMAT output


Script/Code snippets


Code items (class names, variable names, methods)monospace

Code and Script Formatting

Code Snippets

  • Code snippets are centered on the page
  • For C++ code snippets use the C++ highlighting option

A  C++ code snippet is shown below.

 // Display()
Constructs the Display command (default constructor).
 Display::Display() :
 parameterCount = DisplayParamCount;

Script Snippets

  • Script snippets are centered on the page
  • For C++ code snippets use default (blank) highlighting option 

A script snippet is shown below.

Propagate 'Prop To Periapsis' DefaultProp(DefaultSC) {DefaultSC.Earth.Periapsis};
Target 'Hohmann Transfer' DC1 {SolveMode = Solve, ExitMode = SaveAndContinue};
   Vary 'Vary TOI' DC1(TOI.Element1 = 1, {Perturbation = 0.0001, Lower = 0.0, Upper = 3.14159, MaxStep = 0.5});
   Maneuver 'Perform TOI' TOI(DefaultSC);
   Propagate 'Prop To Apoapsis' DefaultProp(DefaultSC) {DefaultSC.Earth.Apoapsis};
   Achieve 'Achieve RMAG = 42165' DC1(DefaultSC.Earth.RMAG = 42164.169, {Tolerance = 0.1});
   Vary 'Vary GOI' DC1(GOI.Element1 = 1, {Perturbation = 0.0001, Lower = 0.0, Upper = 3.14159, MaxStep = 0.2});
   Maneuver 'Perform GOI' GOI(DefaultSC);
   Achieve 'Achieve ECC = 0.005' DC1(DefaultSC.Earth.ECC = 0.005, {Tolerance = 0.0001});
EndTarget;  % For targeter DC1
Propagate 'Prop One Day' DefaultProp(DefaultSC) {DefaultSC.ElapsedSecs = 86400};


  • Images are centered on the page
  • GUI screen shot images

    • Only show data relevant to the context.  This makes sure the images don't become obsolete due to minor changes in the GUI not relevant to the context of the description;

    • A best practice is to put a white background behind a GUI panel (i.e. a blank script editor) when taking screen shots.  This greatly improves quality of images that have rounded corners or have semi-transparent borders.

A sample image is shown below to illustrate a command sequence.  Note that the mission toolbar is omitted so that if the filter options that appear on the right hand side of the toolbar change, the GUI snapshot does not require updating.

Restricted Pages

Only an Admin user with the required permissions, has access to edit a Restrict page.


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