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For QA Complete (Sept. 16)


Things We Should Change

Do Better

  • SPH, DJC Test system stability:  The test system needs to be reliable the last month before code freeze, and reports need to be generated for every build.  If it does not run on a given night, the comparison with previous data needs to compare with a run that did reach completion.
  • [SPH Use our process, it's there to help, but we often stray far from it.  For example, most of us have far too many scheduled tickets at one time, and many were not aware of P1 items that were supposed to be completed by release just days before critical release milestones.  The work that the team and CCB sees and the what individuals see, can be confused because we aren't using the same filters/dashboards, and they aren't being groomed regularly.   I propose a simple solution.  Everyone is responsible for creating their own backlog dashboard like this one.   The scheduled list should ONLY have tickets that have been addressed in the last week or that can reasonably expected receive attention in the next week.    All P1 tickets must have estimates.    During weekly meetingings and CCB we go through these dashboards so we're all seeing and discussing the same work.
  • SPH  We're still over committing.  This is not an easy problem to solve because we're always trying to accomplish as much a possible, and we have to balance responses to new ideas and needs, with commitments to existing projects/proposals.  Having estimates against all P1 work will go a long way towards helping us triage incoming work against previous commitments.  Having short scheduled lists, and bringing work to completion before adding new scheduled work will help make sure that the most important work gets done.  The idea here is that we only make major changes in what were are currently working on if it warrants major redirection, otherwise, finish the current scheduled work, then look at all critical work and see what rises to the top next.