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  • All Operating Systems: CMake (Minimum version 3.5.2)
  • Linux: libgtk2.0-dev or libgtk-3-dev
  • Optional: MATLAB (if building MatlabInterface or CInterface plugins).
    On MacOS, the following must be done in Matlab once to initialize its internal compiler:
    • Launch Matlab, run the command: mex --setup

    • If Matlab gives a "No supported compiler or SDK was found" error, then a patch to Matlab must be applied. This is a known incompatibility between Matlab R2015a/b and XCode 7. The patch and instructions to apply it can be found here on the MathWorks website. This problem with Matlab is documented on the GMAT Bugtracker Issue 5634.

 Launch the CMake GUI:

Tip: Select the "Grouped" option in the CMake GUI (Figure 3) to sort CMake variables and make them easier to find.


ErrorGMAT ComponentDescriptionFix
Unresolved External Symbol *_Py_* referenced in function ...
Python Interface32/64-bit Python found by CMake is different than architecture of compiler (VisualStudio, gcc, ...)Make sure to install the correct 32- or 64-bit version of Python and specify it via the PYTHON_LIBRARY CMake variable.
CInterface Matlab thunk files not produced during INSTALL stepC InterfaceThere is a known incompatibility between Matlab R2015a/b and XCode 7 that prevents the CInterface thunk files from being built.Perform the Matlab initialization instructions.


Step 4: Run GMAT

After building, you have several options for how to run GMAT: