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Review Previous Build Release R2015b Process Notes

Obtain Release ApprovalsSPH  Needed by release day.
Get updated legal statement/licenseSPHN/A Needed by Code Freeze.
Update sample scripts

Needed by App Freeze.

  • Write examples that demonstrate new functionality
  • Clean up all errors and warnings
  • Remove deprecated fields
Write draft Release Notes



Needed by App Freeze.

See Writing Release Notes

Update standard descriptive textSPH (tick) (tick)

Needed by App Freeze.

Will be used in User Guide, websites, release announcement.

Update version number in User Guide cover
SPHrequest is in(tick) (tick)

Needed by App Freeze.

Contact Katy Gammage or Mary Hrybyk-Keith to update cover page.

Next time: integrate sejda-console to do this automatically.

Update info on public-facing websitesTGG  

Needed by Release Day.

See the list of sites. Update this list as well, if necessary.

Updated major sites before announcement. Minor ones can be updated a bit later.

Update release announcement contactsSPH  

Needed by Release Day. Located here.

Put in order for additional iconsSPH(tick)(tick)

(if necessary)

Needed by Visual Freeze.


Update README.txtSPH




Update with major release highlights.
Update extras folderSPH (tick) Notepad++ syntax coloring file
Update PDF files in docs folderSPH/DJC

DJC: (tick)

SPH:  (tick)

Waiting for final user guide.

  • Update watermark: "Draft for Release R2016a"
  • Put into application/docs folder, and individual doc source folders
Gather list of compatibility changes since last releaseSPH (tick)
  • Deprecated fields
  • Removed & disabled fields
  • Anything a user would need to know to make R2016b scripts compatible with this release.
Update Release Notes
SPH (tick) 
Update screenshots in User Guide
(Feature leads)


SPH: (tick)

RQ: (tick)


Test User Guide instructions & code(Feature leads)

RQ: (tick)


SPH:  (tick)

  • Tutorials
  • script snippets
  • reference page examples

SPH:  only tested features that changed for which I was FDE

Update Windows installer packageTGG  
Update links in GMAT.ini


  • Help links
  • Welcome page links
Update link tests in TestCompleteTR 
  • Help buttons
  • Welcome Page links
  • Help menu links