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See Writing Release Notes

Creating an RC

  1. Create the build
    1. Log into gs580w-gmat-t4 as "gsfc580gmatbuild". The credentials are on the network drive, in the Infrastructure folder.
    2. Start Task Scheduler.
    3. [RC1 only] Disable the "GMAT Daily Build" task, so it doesn't run automatically during the RC cycle (this can make things overly confusing).
    4. Manually run the "GMAT Daily Build" task.
  2. Create the bundles
    1. On your local system, navigate to GmatDevelopment\build\install\windows-nsis. Note that you do not need to pull files down from the Git repository; this process will pull files from the remote build and create the packages in your local directory. There's a README.txt file there that explains things.
    2. Open a MinGW, MSYS2, or Cygwin shell in this directory.
    3. Run 'make assemble VERSION="R2015a-rc#"', where "#" is the number of the RC you're creating. This will create two directories in the current directory: gmat-internal and gmat-public.
    4. Run the following commands to add the User Guide cover. This requires sejda-console.

      Code Block
      sejda-console merge -f ../../../doc/help/src/files/images/Cover-UserGuide-A4-Trimmed.pdf gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4.pdf -o gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4-new.pdf -s all:all:
      mv gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4-new.pdf gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4.pdf
      sejda-console merge -f ../../../doc/help/src/files/images/Cover-UserGuide-Letter-Trimmed.pdf gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter.pdf -o gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter-new.pdf -s all:all:
      mv gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter-new.pdf gmat-internal/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter.pdf
      sejda-console merge -f ../../../doc/help/src/files/images/Cover-UserGuide-A4-Trimmed.pdf gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4.pdf -o gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4-new.pdf -s all:all:
      mv gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4-new.pdf gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-a4.pdf
      sejda-console merge -f ../../../doc/help/src/files/images/Cover-UserGuide-Letter-Trimmed.pdf gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter.pdf -o gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter-new.pdf -s all:all:
      mv gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter-new.pdf gmat-public/GMAT/docs/help/help-letter.pdf
    5. Run 'make VERSION="R2015a-rc#"', where "#" is the number of the RC you're creating. This will create four packages in the current directory: A .zip and a .exe file for both the internal and public versions. Note: To create only an internal version, run 'make internal VERSION="R2015a-rc#"'.
    6. Copy the four package files to the network: \\mesa-file\595\GMAT\Builds\windows\VS2013_build_32\R2015a
    7. To clean everything up afterwards, run "make clean".
  3. Run the script test system on the internal installer package. See Running the script test system, below.