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  • [P3] [JJKP] use %path% for configure dependencies

  • [P3] [JJKP] autodetect gmat root dir

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't depend on 7z or wget or svn if possible

  • [P3] [JJKP] why download f2c source?

  • [P3] [JJKP] why check out wxWidgets from SVN?

  • [P3] [JJKP] only download necessary dependency architectures

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't need odbc for wxWidgets

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't need to clear screen beforehand

  • [P3] [JJKP] stop on fatal errors; don't blow through

  • [P3] [JJKP] configure should keep pwd in depends

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't download sofa, tsplot, pcre

  • [P3] [JJKP] autodetect mac instead of using -mac switch
  • [P3] [JJKP] use curl on Mac instead of wget
  • [P3] [JJKP] put configure status summary at the end (pass/fail for each item) 
  • [P3] [WCS] don't build wxWidgets on 64-bit Mac 
  • [P3] [JJKP] renamed rename "depends"


  • [P3] [JJKP] may not need a build script; let's write instructions for using cmake directly

  • [P3] [JJKP] assemble in separate build trees, not in root application folder  

  • [P3] [JJKP] GUI executable should be named "GMAT"
  • [P3] [JJKP] is parallel compiling enabled on the different platforms?
    • [JF] Currently Only in Windows
  • [P3] [LOJ] is there a compiler log file that gets generated?
  • [P3] [LOJ] Windows: why vc_amd64_dll directory name is used for 64 bit?
  • [P3] [WCS] Mac: extra linker messages when compiling every file
  • [P3] [WCS] don't try to build GUI on 64-bit Mac
  • [P1] [JJKP] debugging with a breakpoint doesn't work in Visual Studio 
  • [P2] [DJC] Linux: "c++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-Wl’"