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 Please see the following links for details on our current activities:


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High Level Overview of Early R2013b/R2014a work


This wiki is for high level guidance/planning for early stages of work for R2013b/R2014a.   Overall, the business model and roadmap process will be used to determine long term feature development areas.  However, that work will not be complete until mid/late summer.  In the meantime, we will work blockers for GSFC flight projects and ACE ops cert.


Table of Contents




KARI Partnership Features


  • Orbit state representations
  • Attitude models
  • Flux file readers


Navigation Functionality

  • Re-factoring and design improvements
  • Estimator improvements
  • Measurement model improvements
  • Tracking data file improvements



Blocker Features for GSFC Missions


  • MAVEN Mars Gramm Density modelling and targeting
  • JWST stationkeeping and SRP modelling
  • OSIRIS launch window and survey modelling
  • Korean Lunar Mission
  • GMAT Functions