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Table of contents

Table of Contents


Release Process Work Before next Cycle for R2015a

  • NTR needs to go in months (3-6) earlier
  • Define major roles and assign them to individualsbefore next release
    •  Proposed roles are shown below.
    • Ensure those in major roles are reachable and preferably in the office during critical stages like creating and testing RCs.
  • Consider merging to production and test this before next release process
  • Automate installer packaging
  • Consider sanity check from mission users' scripts
  • Feature Freeze/QA Complete/Beta Test must happen earlier (month before code/App Freeze)
    • We need to baseline the test results well before release process starts.  Probably at Feature Freeze\QA Freeze
    • Consider allowing GATS to produce multiple reports from one test run
    • Consider feature freeze month before
    • QA Complete needs to happen much earlier (month?) probably with Feature Freeze

Proposed Roles For Next Release for R2015a

  • Release Manager (RM): "owns" release, initiates process, creates tracking page, sends daily status updates, tracks issues to completion, makes sure everyone gets their stuff done, brings decisions to CCB/team, maintains tracking page, collects lessons learned, documents process improvements for next release
  • Build Manager (BM): controls build system, creates RCs, sends RC availability announcements
  • Test Managers (TM): control GUI/script testing for each RC



Target Date: May 14, 2014



All dates are referenced to 12:00 noon EDT.

For example, a deadline of March 15 should be interpreted as March 15, 12:00 noon EDT.

Early Tasks

These are long-lead early tasks that can be completed before the detailed release cycle.

Use "(/)" for the checkmark ((tick)) and "(x)" for the cross ((error))





Review Previous Build Release R2013b Process Notes

Get updated legal statement/licenseSPH(tick)(tick)Needed by Code Freeze.
Update sample scripts

Needed by App Freeze.

  • Write examples that demonstrate new functionality
  • Clean up all errors and warnings
  • Remove deprecated fields
Write draft Release Notes




Needed by App Freeze.

See Writing Release Notes

Update standard descriptive textSPH(error)(error)

Needed by App Freeze.

Will be used in User Guide, websites, release announcement.

Update version number on User Guide cover pageJJKP(tick)(tick)

Needed by App Freeze.

Contact Katy Gammage or Mary Hrybyk-Keith.

Next time: integrate sejda-console to do this automatically.

Update info on public-facing websitesJJKP(error)N/A

Needed by Release Day.

See the list of sites. Update this list as well, if necessary.

Updated major sites before announcement. Minor ones can be updated a bit later.

Update release announcement contactsSPHN/AN/A

Needed by Release Day. Located here.

Put in order for additional iconsSPHN/AN/A

(if necessary)

Needed by Visual Freeze.

For QA Complete (April 21)