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Make files visible on SourceForge

JJKP(tick)07/21: Made visible at time of posting, as "soft" release.
Send out release announcementSPH(tick)
  • Mention GSFC in the announcement
  • Don't include large attachments.
Post release announcement on SourceForgeSPH*(error)(tick) 
Post release announcement on GMAT BlogJJKP(tick) 
Mark as released in JIRASPH(tick) 
Migrate code to SourceForge repositoryJJKP(tick)Do we migrate to git at the same time?



Plan for week of June 19

Conduct postmortem reviewSPH(tick)This includes gathering feedback, holding the postmortem meeting, and documenting the results.
Submit GSFC Metrics SummaryWCS(tick)The link to submit the metrics is invalid.No action is required for this item. It was decided on 09/25/14's GMAT meeting to check tasks that do not require any action or are inactive.
Submit NTR for next releaseSPH(tick)Hughes will take care of at the appropriate time Per Hughes: The NTR cannot be written until all features are finalized and it is too early to do that.

Notes for postmortem

Please add your notes to the R2014a Lessons Learned document.