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MilestoneDateAccomplishment and Impact

CMMI Appraisal

Sept. 2014

Accomplishments:   Participated in GSFC center-wide CMMI appraisal.  GMAT was evaluated for project monitoring and control.

Impact:  Demonstrated effective software development process for GMAT and supported GSFC center level accreditation.  

Release R2014a


Accomplishments:   Release   Released new version of GMAT.  First release after certification using new development processprocesses

Impact:  Useful new features including attitude models, state representations.  First release with features co-developed by external organization sharing costswith the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

ACE Operational Certification


Accomplishments:   Successfully passed operational readiness review for the Advanced Compositional Explorer (ACE).  Read more here for details on ACE CertificationFlight Qualification.

Impact:  Demonstrated   We demonstrated GMAT is flight quality software setting the stage for broader adoption by flight projects.  Since the qualification program, the TESS project has adopted GMAT as the primary flight dynamics tool, and the OSIRIS project has adopted GMAT for launch window analysis and will use GMAT for validation of other tools to be performed during operations.

GMAT Training


Accomplishments:   First training class for GMAT provided  to 595 and FDF engineers.

Impact:  Prepared engineering staff for large scale use of GMAT across multiple flight projects.  Began broader training effort targeted at the community.

Production Release


Accomplishments: Production release:  GMAT R2013a.      GMAT is no longer beta software.!  Read more here for V& V results and processprocessesGMAT was rigorously tested and we documented.  We wrote approximately 5000 new script regression tests (for a total of nearly 13,000 nightly tests) and grew the GUI regression tests test suite to approximately 3000 tests.  We fixed hundreds of bugs and completed 600 pages of user documentation with tutorials and reference material.

Impact:  Investments in GMAT are ready for broad application across flight projects. Models are validated and quality  is  and development process is quality is greatly improved.  Development processes are improved and ready for long-term

Ops Certification


Accomplishments:  Completed implementation and testing of all new features required to support ACE maneuver planning.   Excellent agreement between GMAT and FreeFlyer.

Impact:  GMAT is ready for non-interfering shadow ops and soon for operational use.  After ORR in Fall of 2013, we can begin  cost sharing across flight projects.  Until this point, flight projects knew they would have to switch to STK or FreeFlyer so they would not invest in GMAT.    


NPR Compliance


Accomplishments:  Updated documentation and processes for NPR compliance.

Impact:  Required by the agency.  Well positioned for other development areas such as GTDS replacement.