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  • add a header and source file for your new parameters. e.g DelaunayParameters.  There will actually be several classes defined in this file, one for each of your new elements.  Each class must derive from the appropriate parameter class.  For example, a single real parameter would derive from OrbitReal (see EquinoctialParameters for an example)
  • you will need to modify OrbitData.hpp to add an enumerated type for your sate type, add a method to return the state in your new type, e.g. GetDelaunayState(), add two other methods to return a real value with either an integer id or a string label as input, e.g. 
  • modify OrbitData.cpp to add your elements to SetReal, and implement your Get<state-type>State and Get<state-type>Real methods
  • modify ParameterFactor.cpp to add your elements to CreateParameter and the creatables list
  • if you wish to add default parameters, add your new ones to Moderator::CreateDefaultParameters

Step 5: Update the Orbit Panel