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Configuring Tests That Require Ancillary Data

If you test has extra files required to run, you need to put those files in the test repo is specific places.  Then, before Some test cases have ancillary data files need to execute the test.   For example, if you are testing propagation using an SPK kernel, you must provide that kernel to the GMAT.   Ancillary files must be put in the test repo in the correct places, then everything works transparently in the nightly build.  Before the nightly test system executes, it copies those the version controlled ancillary files into the GMAT folder structure.   

The test system has a copy of the directory structure the GMAT application employs.  It is located here: \trunk\test\script\gmatdata.  If your anscillary ancillary files naturally fit in the GMAT directory structure, they should be put in the appropriate folder  in that directory, and the nightly test system will copy them to the build test system to run the nightly tests.  Here is an example,  if you need a vehicle SPICE kernel to run a night nightly test, it should be put here: \trunk\test\script\gmatdata\vehicle\ephem\spk.  

There are a few exceptions.     Matlab and Python functions required to run nightly tests should be placed here: "trunk\test\script\input\Functions" in the "MATLAB and Python folders in that directory.  So for For example, if you have a test that calls a Python file called "", that file should be placed here: trunk\test\script\input\Functions\Python.