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There are a few exceptions.  Matlab and Python functions required to run nightly tests should be placed here: "trunk\test\script\input\Functions" in the "MATLAB and Python folders in that directory.  For example, if you have a test that calls a Python file called "", that file should be placed here: trunk\test\script\input\Functions\Python.

Automated Creation of Requirements to Test Traceability Matrix

The script test system can automatically create a Requirements to Test Traceability Matrix (RTTM).  Manual test and/or GUI test traceablity is entered into the GMAT requirements matrix by hand.  The script test system augments that information with automated test traceablity to provide a complete RTTM file.  To generate the full RTTM file, download the latest version of the requirements to your disk and follow the instructions below.  (The GMAT requirements matrix is located here).


This example assumes you have the GMAT requirements downloaded in a local folder called "C:\MyFiles" and that you would like the RTTM placed in that folder.  Simply change the paths to be consistent with your local configuration.

% Defint the desired target file name for the RTTM
outputFileName   = 'C:\MyFiles\RTTM.xlsx';
% Define the name and location of your GMAT requirements Excel spreadsheet
requirementsList = 'C:\MyFiles\GMAT Requirements.xlsx';
% Execute the command to read all tests cases and map tests to requirements