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These are instructions for compiling GMAT on Mac OS X as a 32-bit application, using command-line tools. Please note that GMAT is not rigorously tested on this platform. If you find bugs, please submit them to JIRA!


There is a known issue with building wxMac 2.8.12 with Xcode 4.4 due to the lack of the Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) SDK. One workaround is to install a previous version of Xcode, or to manually copy MacOSX10.6.sdk from a previous version of Xcode to your system. Previous versions of Xcode can be downloaded from Apple (external link)Image Added. See this report (external link)Image Added for additional details.

Get the code

Follow the instructions on the Downloads page to check out a copy of the GMAT source code from SourceForge.