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ProjectDateAccomplishment and Impact
EMTG-GMAT Integration


Accomplishments: Now able to export simple low-thrust trajectories designed in EMTG into GMAT reasonably robustly. Development took 3 months of 1.5 summer intern time. Modified EMTG to write out GMAT scripts and re-optimize patched conic solutions using fully integrated dynamics in GMAT.

Impact: Rapid mission development by using medium fidelity guesses from EMTG to seed high fidelity trajectory optimization in GMAT.

Force Model Interface2011

Accomplishments:  Won an IRAD to expose force model interface to MATLAB for use of high fidelity dynamics models by other tools.  Wrote prototype interface. 


Impact:  Don’t need to redevelop dynamics models when doing analysis in MATLAB or C.  (Still prototype though).