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// Display
// GMAT: General Mission Analysis Tool.
// Copyright (c) 2002-2014 United States Government as represented by the
// Administrator of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
// All Other Rights Reserved.
// Author: Linda Jun (NASA/GSFC)
// Created: 2014/10/16
// Developed jointly by NASA/GSFC and Thinking Systems, Inc. under contract
// number S-67573-G
 * Class declaration for the Display command
#ifndef Display_hpp
#define Display_hpp 

#include "GmatCommand.hpp"
#include "ElementWrapper.hpp" 

 * Command used to write data to Message Window.
class GMAT_API Display : public GmatCommand
   virtual ~Display();
   Display(const Display& display);
   Display& operator=(const Display& display); 

   // inherited from GmatCommand
   virtual bool Execute();
   virtual bool InterpretAction();
   virtual bool SetElementWrapper(ElementWrapper* toWrapper,
                                  const std::string &withName);
   virtual void ClearWrappers(); 

   // inherited from GmatBase
   virtual bool Initialize();
   virtual GmatBase* Clone(void) const;
   virtual bool RenameRefObject(const Gmat::ObjectType type,
                                const std::string &oldName,
                                const std::string &newName);
   virtual const StringArray&
           GetWrapperObjectNameArray(bool completeSet = false); 

   // Parameter accessors
   virtual std::string GetParameterText(const Integer id) const;
   virtual Integer GetParameterID(const std::string &str) const;
   virtual Gmat::ParameterType
           GetParameterType(const Integer id) const;
   virtual std::string GetParameterTypeString(const Integer id) const; 
   virtual std::string GetStringParameter(const Integer id) const;
   virtual std::string GetStringParameter(const std::string &label) const;
   virtual bool SetStringParameter(const Integer id, 
                                   const std::string &value);
   virtual bool SetStringParameter(const std::string &label, 
                                   const std::string &value); 

   // for generating string
   virtual const std::string&
              Gmat::WriteMode mode = Gmat::SCRIPTING,
              const std::string &prefix = "",
              const std::string &useName = ""); 

   // Parameter IDs
      PARAM_NAME = GmatCommandParamCount,
   std::string paramName;
   ElementWrapper *paramWrapper; 
   static const std::string
      PARAMETER_TEXT[DisplayParamCount - GmatCommandParamCount];
   static const Gmat::ParameterType
      PARAMETER_TYPE[DisplayParamCount - GmatCommandParamCount];
#endif // Display_hpp