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  • [SPH,DJC,JJKP]:  Determine how we can release nightly builds or production builds more frequently and how this would work from a CM perspective, NASA process perspective (civil servants and contractor contributions).
  • [SPH]  For critical (i.e. customer promises, key goals, difficult features) the PDL needs to enforce deadlines.  Currently milestones are treated as soft, desirable dates.   Leads of those areas must report status at monthly BSR.
  • [SPH]  We need to be much more careful with the "90%" rule.  If a features is "almost" done for a long time, then smaller milestones need to be defined and they are either done or not done.
  • SPH  Consider making catch all tickets for minor tasks like doc issues etc.  There are lots of times when something is so small we don't need to track using the sub-tasks approach, but doc updates etc. then get lost.  Keeping a master ticket for minor wrap up would help here.

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