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  • (DJC)Document the code so that all methods are documented and no warnings are issued during builds.
  • (DJC) If the Doxygen generator identifies missing blocks, fix them (Subheading: Follow the style guide!)
  • (DJC) Warnings are being ignored.  This is VERY dangerous – let’s clean them up now, and fix them as they occur.
  • (DJC) Complete the refactoring for the Propagate command and the PropagationEnabledCommand base class.
  • (JJKP) Scrub the code against the Style Guide.
  • (JJKP) Remove dead code
  • (SPH)  Remove items that have been deprecated for more than one release

Architectural Refactoring


(JJKP) Refactor the EphemerisFile and EphemerisPropagator subsystems to allow easy addition of new types (e.g. via a plugin). Similar to the work being done to parameters above.

SolarSystem (JJKP)

(JJKP) Update and clean up default SolarSystem values. Scrub for hard-coded values & replace with files/inputs where possible.

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