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  • All Operating Systems: CMake (Minimum version 3.5.2)
  • Linux: libgtk2.0libgl1-dev or mesa-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev, libgtk-3-dev (or libgtk2.0-dev), tcsh (or csh)
  • Optional: MATLAB (if building MatlabInterface or CInterface plugins).
    On MacOS, the following must be done in Matlab once to initialize its internal compiler:
    • Launch Matlab, run the command: mex --setup

    • If Matlab gives a "No supported compiler or SDK was found" error, then a patch to Matlab must be applied. This is a known incompatibility between Matlab R2015a/b and XCode 7. The patch and instructions to apply it can be found here on the MathWorks website. This problem with Matlab is documented on the GMAT Bugtracker Issue 5634.
  • Optional: Python

 Launch the CMake GUI:

Tip: Select the "Grouped" option in the CMake GUI (Figure 3) to sort CMake variables and make them easier to find.


ErrorGMAT ComponentDescriptionFix
Unresolved External Symbol *_Py_* referenced in function ...
Python Interface32/64-bit Python found by CMake is different than architecture of compiler (VisualStudio, gcc, ...)Make sure to install the correct 32- or 64-bit version of Python and specify it via the PYTHON_LIBRARY CMake variable.
CInterface Matlab thunk files not produced during INSTALL stepC InterfaceThere is a known incompatibility between Matlab R2015a/b and XCode 7 that prevents the CInterface thunk files from being built.Perform the Matlab initialization instructions.


Step 4: Run GMAT

After building, you have several options for how to run GMAT: