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Update EOP files (EOP, PCK, TK)
WCS  Update eopc04_08.62-now and run smoke tests and SPICE .bpc file (SHOULD be moved to App Freeze)
Update tai-utc file & naif LSKWCS(tick)(tick)Update gmat_startup_file with new LSK

Update Info.plist and RunGMAT as needed;

also, RunGmat.m if needed

WCS(tick)(tick)Need copyright and release number/name at least; Update to default MATLAB version in test system file
Update files w/ updated legal statementLOJ  
  • Readme file
  • Source code files
Update license textLOJ  

Update application/License.txt file.  Nothing to do since license did not change.

Update copyright and code headersLOJ  

This tool makes adding paragraphs and changing headers simple.

As of R2015a these directories have files that need updating.

public\src (hpp, cpp)

public\plugin (hpp, cpp)

public\application\matlab\gmat_keyword (.m)

internal\code (hpp,cpp)

Final bug fixes(All)   
Mark all open bugs as Affects: current releaseSPHSPH:    
Set release name in codeLOJLOJ Change GmatGlobals to use formal release name