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All dates are referenced to 12:00 noon EDT.

For example, a deadline of March 15 should be interpreted as March 15, 12:00 noon EDT.

Git Repo Branching Policy

This is our branching strategy during RC testing by the FDF for ODT.

  • We will create a new R2017aTemp branch from master, and developers working on code changes for R2017a would work in R2017aTemp. 
  • Those working on docs, app freeze items, and the few remaining code updates for R2016a keep working in master. 
  • Code changes for master could continue to require code reading and CCB approval.
  • Once we've promoted the RCs to release builds, we'll first branch R2016a from master, then merge R2017aTemp back into master and return to normal branching/commit policy.

Early Tasks

These are long-lead early tasks that can be completed before the detailed release cycle.