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Update EOP files (EOP, PCK, TK)
WCS (tick) (tick)Update eopc04_08.62-now and run smoke tests and SPICE .bpc file (SHOULD be moved to App Freeze)
Update tai-utc file & naif LSKWCS(tick)(tick)Update gmat_startup_file with new LSK

Update Info.plist and RunGMAT as needed;

also, RunGmat.m if needed

WCS(tick)(tick)Need copyright and release number/name at least; Update to default MATLAB version in test system file
Update files w/ updated legal statementLOJ N/A N/A
  • Readme file
  • Source code files
Update license textLOJN/AN/A

Update application/License.txt file.  Nothing to do since license did not change.

Update copyright and code headersLOJ N/A N/A

This tool makes adding paragraphs and changing headers simple.

As of R2015a these directories have files that need updating.

public\src (hpp, cpp)

public\plugin (hpp, cpp)

public\application\matlab\gmat_keyword (.m)

internal\code (hpp,cpp)

Final bug fixes(All)   
Mark all open bugs as Affects: current releaseSPHSPH:    
Set release name in codeLOJLOJ Change GmatGlobals to use formal release name