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  • [P3] [JJKP] may not need a build script; let's write instructions for using cmake directly

  • [P3] [JJKP] assemble in separate build trees, not in root application folder  

  • [P3] [JJKP] GUI executable should be named "GMAT"
  • [P3] [JJKP] is parallel compiling enabled on the different platforms?
    • [JF] Currently Only in Windows
  • [P3] [LOJ] is there a compiler log file that gets generated?
  • [P3] [LOJ] Windows: why vc_amd64_dll directory name is used for 64 bit?
  • [P3] [WCS] Mac: extra linker messages when compiling every file
  • [P3] [WCS] don't try to build GUI on 64-bit Mac
  • [P1] [JJKP] debugging with a breakpoint doesn't work in Visual Studio 
    • [JF] Initial Research turned up no clues on how to fix the CMAKE script to allow breakpoints. It seems as though there are options in Visual Studio that CMAKE is not outputting correctly. However I can not find any reference information on how to do this programmatically from CMAKE. We may have to make a User Guide for developers to use to change specific Visual Studio Project/Solution settings after the CMAKE generation is complete and before the developer "builds". 
  • [P2P3] [DJC] Linux: "c++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-Wl’"build/linux folder is missing