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To Do

These are items that are left to do on the current task, in order of priority. Descope options are marked with a (*).

  1. Fix high-priority (P1) feedback items (below)
  2. Implement wiki mock-up 2 in Confluence
  3. Test import of TikiWiki to Confluence
  4. Implement regular backups
  5. Test forum software (including import from existing)
  6. Install and configure selected forum
  7. Provide maintenance plan
  8. Add domain name
  9. Migrate data from old systems


These are improvements that would be nice, but need not take time on the current task.

(none yet)

Known Issues


  • [JJKP] = Joel


  • [P1] - blocker
  • [P2] - by end of task
  • [P3] - future
  • not prioritized (assume P2)


  • [P2] [JJKP] Need to link account information between Confluence and JIRA.
  • [P2] [JJKP] Set up email alerts in Confluence 

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