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Design/Interface DescriptionScript ExamplesProsCons

Object Methods. 

This approach is entirely new and uses methods on built-in objects to expose data and functionality.

Code Block
density = myForceModel.GetDensity(Sat)

density = mySat.GetDensity(ForceModel)


  • Powerful, used nearly all modern programming languages
  • Easily extendible, unlike parameter approach based on dependency
  • Completely new interface, which is risky
  • A new paradigm for users to learn
  • Major parsing work

Built-in math/GMAT functions.  

This approach provides more math function interfaces to get to lower level data

Code Block
rho = GetForceModelData(myForce,mySat,'density');

density = GetDensity(myForceModel,mySpaceraft);
  • Extends existing interface
  • MATLAB-like
  • May need to be based on untested GMAT function code? not sure.
  • Not GUI friendly, it would be hard to select this in a Vary command in a general way for example.  You would probably need a script event first to compute the variable, then select the variable in the vary command.

New Parameters. 

This approach extends the existing parameter approach

Code Block

myLibrationPoint.UTCModJulian = 21345
x = myLibrationPoint.EarthMJ2000Eq.X




  • Extends existing interface that users already know
  • Nesting level is getting a bit deep for parameter dependency.


Create Vector myVector

myVector.Type = Position

MyVector.Center = Earth

MyVector.Point = myLibrationPoint




Known Bugs


JIRA ID Summary Recommendation 
GMT-585 Multiple redundant properties/fields for epochP3
GMT-1098 Tab key navigation failsAppears fixed
GMT-1346 Add ability for user-defined parametersImprovement
GMT-1439 Parameter design for multiple dependencyImprovement
GMT-1483 Ability to Calculate and Output Sun Vector to any pointImprovement
GMT-1899 Beta Angle is Off by about .003 degreesP1
GMT-1933 Earth Fixed RA changed from 0-360 to -180-180 measurementP1 (document)
GMT-2011 Larger angular momentum errors in 09/15 buildP1, assign to Joel
GMT-2318 STM Parameters are wrong when using Coordinate System other than EarthMJ2000EqP1, assign to Joel
GMT-2475 Provide a parameter to check convergence status of a VF13 optimizerImprovement
GMT-2673 User Reported: Parameter Select Dialog Box Silently Changes User's Selected ObjectNeeds verification
GMT-2755 ParameterCreateDialog does not close properly after adding string parameter on MacP2