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You'll Here are some applications you will probably need to install the following software to work with the code. This list applies mainly to Windows users.  Check out the explanation for column to determine if you need the application or not. 



  • Repository access: TortoiseGit + git (or whatever git client you prefer)
  • Script test system: MATLAB
  • User guide: XMLMind (from \\mesa-file\595\GMAT\Software\
Matlab 2016a 64 bitFor building the MATLAB interface plugin and the fmincon plugin

MS Visual Studio C++ 2013 Community



For compiling GMAT
MinGWFor building the user guide including pdf and html help
Git and Git ClientFor obtaining the GMAT source code

SVN and SVN Client

For obtaining the GMAT regression test system
CmakeFor compiling GMAT
DoxyGenFor creating code documentation
Python 3.4 (64 bit)For building the Python interface plugin
XMLMindFor editing user documentation


You'll need to check out all of the following repositories that apply to you: