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Target Date: August 14, 2013



All dates are referenced to 12:00 noon EDT.

For example, a deadline of March 15 should be interpreted as March 15, 12:00 noon EDT.

Early Tasks

These are long-lead early tasks that can be completed before the detailed release cycle.

Use "(/)" for the checkmark ((tick)) and "(x)" for the cross ((error))





Review Previous Build Release R2013a Process Notes

All (tick)(tick) 
Get updated legal statement/licenseSPHN/AN/ANeeded by Code Freeze.
Update sample scripts

Needed by App Freeze.

  • Write examples that demonstrate new functionality
  • Clean up all errors and warnings
  • Remove deprecated fields
Write draft Release NotesJJKP(tick)(tick)

Needed by App Freeze.

See Writing Release Notes

Update standard descriptive textSPHN/AN/A

Needed by App Freeze.

Will be used in User Guide, websites, release announcement.


Update info on public-facing websitesJJKPN/AN/A

Needed by Release Day.

See the list of sites. Update this list as well, if necessary.

Updated major sites before announcement. Minor ones can be updated a bit later.

Update release announcement contactsSPH(error)N/A

Needed by Release Day. Located here.

Put in order for additional iconsSPH(tick)(tick)

(if necessary)

Needed by Visual Freeze.

Configuration audits   PCA and FCA. New for Release 2015 based on NPR stuff.

For QA Complete (August 1)





Update About panel


Update splash screenTGG(tick)(tick)
  1. Add new contributors
  2. Remove contributors who did not contribute to this release
  3. Design updates
  4. Update SplashScreen.psd in GmatDevelopment\moredata\graphics\splash
  5. Use GIMP to save a flattened TIF file and overwrite splash screen in GmatDevelopment\application\data\graphics\splash.
Update iconsTGG(tick)(tick)If there are any updates, additions, deletions.
Update gmat_startup_file.txtJJKP(tick)(tick)
  • Update formatting, comments
  • Switch to release configuration

All new plugins are added.

Switch to release configuration in script test system


Use new rundef.R2013bInternal.template.m.

Are we running public config tests for this release? For next time, need to figure out a way to assemble public release without manual intervention.

Complete visual updates(All)(error)(tick)Fixed all visual issues known before Visual Freeze.


  1. Log into gs580w-gmat-t4 as "gs580w-gmat-t4\testuser". The credentials are on the network drive, in the Infrastructure folder.
  2. [RC1 only] Start Task Scheduler and disable the "Run Script Test" task. You'll need to run the RC tests manually.
  3. Uninstall all previous versions of GMAT.
  4. Install the version being tested.
    1. Check "Enable MATLAB interface".
    2. Leave "Associate file types" unchecked.
  5. Update the test system repo (located in cat C:\usersUsers\testuser\Documents\GmatTest)
  6. In MATLAB (64-bit):
    1. Run:
      >> cd cC:\usersUsers\testuser\Documents\GmatTest\bin
    2. Run (replace # with RC number and <config> and <config> with "internal" or "public keyword"):
      >> diary('..\log\R2013b-rc#-<config>.log')
    3. Run (this command copies application files such as spice SPICE kernels needed for regression tests into the new installation of GMAT):
      >> preparegmat('C:\Path\To\GMAT')
    4. In the cC:\usersUsers\testuser\Documents\GmatTest\bin, copy the appropriate template (autorundef.R2013bInternal.template.m or autorundef.R2013bPublic.template.m) to a new name (such as autorundef.R2013bInternalRC1.template.m) and fill in the values:
      1. RunDef.Build: "R2013b-rc#-<config>"
      2. RunDef.GmatExe: path to installed GMAT.exe
      3. RunDef.RegressionBuild: last build date if testing RC1 (look in GmatTest\output for latest folder, such as 2013-07-31), otherwise, "R2013b-rc#-<config>"
    5. Run:
      >> gmattest <name of rundef.m> (e.g., autorundef.R2013bInternalRC1R2013bRc1Internal.template.m) 
    6. Wait until run completes (usually 8+ hours)
    7. Run:
      >> diary('off')
  7. In a Windows cmd window, post results to network using robocopy:
    >robocopy "C:\pathUsers\totestuser\Documents\GmatTest\output\R2013aR2013b-rc#-<config>" "\\mesa-file\595\GMAT\TestResults\win7\R2013aR2013b-rc#-<config>" /E /MT /LOG:%TEMP%\robocopy.txt

Issues for RC1