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Update README.txtJJKP(error)Update with major release highlights.
Update extras folderJJKP(error)Notepad++ syntax coloring file
Update PDF files in docs folderSPH/DJC(error)(tick)
  • Update watermark: "Draft for Release R2013b"
  • Put into application/docs folder, and individual doc source folders
Gather list of compatibility changes since last release(Feature leads)(error)
  • Deprecated fields
  • Removed & disabled fields
  • Anything a user would need to know to make R2012b scripts compatible with this release.

For this release, put a generic blanket statement regarding the change from beta status to production status and point to wiki page.

Update Release Notes
Update screenshots in User Guide
(Feature leads)(error) 
Test User Guide instructions & code(Feature leads)(error)
  • Tutorials
  • Common Tasks
  • script snippets
  • reference page examples
Update Windows installer packageJJKP(error) 
Update links in GMAT.ini



Moved from R2013a Visual Freeze Stage

  • Help links
    • Welcome page links
Update link tests in TestCompleteTR(tick)
  • Help buttons
  • Welcome Page links
  • Help menu links