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Note:  Some documents are password protected per NASA software release requirements.  For example, design documents related to current development can only be made public after formal release approval including export control.  

R2015a Goals and Overview


Feature Areas

Docs for Feature Areas


Optimal Control

GMAT Functions


Event Location

  • Project Plan*.  This document explains high level milestones, approach, and schedule.
  • Requirements.  These are working requirements.
  • Benchmark Report.   Report comparing available solutions.
  • Architectural Design Spec*.  This document contains high level design.
  • Interface Field Spec*.  Desribes user interface elements including ranges, defaults, descriptions.

  These documents are marked with an "*".

Plans and Documentation

Ticket Tracking Dashboards

  • Agile Board:  This dashboard is used for CCB and prioritization of open tickets. 
  • Sprint Tracking Board:  This dashboard is used to plan and track work in the current Sprint.