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Update About panel


  1. Update release number (i.e. R2014a).  
  2. Add any new libraries used. 
  3. Update an links.
Update splash screenTGG(tick)(tick)
  1. Add new contributors
  2. Remove contributors who did not contribute to this release
  3. Design updates
  4. Update SplashScreen.psd in GmatDevelopment\moredata\graphics\splash
  5. Use GIMP to save a flattened TIF file and overwrite splash screen in GmatDevelopment\application\data\graphics\splash.
Update iconsTGG(tick)(tick)

If there are any updates, additions, deletions.

Including GMATIcon for Welcome Page

Update gmat_startup_file.txtJJKP(tick)(tick)
  • Update formatting, comments
  • Add any additional plugins
  • Switch to release configuration (comment out internal plugins)

No new plugins added. Commented out internal plugins.

Switch to release configuration in script test system

  • Create new rundef.R2014aInternal.template.m and rundef.R2014aPublic.template.m.
  • Switch autorun.m to use appropriate one.

4/30: switched to R2014aInternal

7/17: tested public release using R2014aPublic

Complete visual updates(All)(error)(tick)(tick)

4/30: JJKP: still waiting on final updates to contributors list from KARI

5/2: TGG: final update committed