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The GMAT project will spend a significant amount of time during our R2017 release development on code cleanup, developer documentation, quality improvements, and refactoring for improved long-term positioning. 


  • Ensure that GMAT can continue to respond to customer needs as the team grows and evolves
    • Improve work-time to perform frequent developer tasks (i.e. new built-in functions, new)
    • Improve documentation of key components (developer docs and code comments)
    • Ensure key components developed by those planned are documented and code is cleaned up
    • Improve ability to add third-party plugins
  • Improve system modularity and documentation
    • to support re-use of sub-components
    • to facilitate exposing of portions of GMAT through an API
  • Address high value P2 improvements that often get overlooked

Key Developer Documentation

Architectural Refactoring/Code Cleanup

Existing High Value Quality Tickets

Tickets that to be considered for quality improvements should be marked with the JIRA label "Quality".  This filter tracks proposed quality improvements.

Behavior Improvements



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