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The GMAT project will spend a significant amount of time during our R2017 release development on code cleanup, developer documentation, quality improvements, and refactoring for improved long-term positioning. 


  • Ensure that GMAT can continue to respond to customer needs as the team grows and evolves
    • Improve work-time to perform frequent developer tasks (i.e. new built-in functions, new)
    • Improve documentation of key components (developer docs and code comments)
    • Ensure key components developed by those planned are documented and code is cleaned up
    • Improve ability to add third-party plugins
  • Improve system modularity and documentation
    • to support re-use of sub-components
    • to facilitate exposing of portions of GMAT through an API
  • Address high value P2 improvements that often get overlooked

Key Developer Documentation

Code Cleanup

  • (DJC)Document the code so that all methods are documented and no warnings are issued during builds.
  • (DJC) If the Doxygen generator identifies missing blocks, fix them (Subheading: Follow the style guide!)
  • (DJC) Warnings are being ignored.  This is VERY dangerous – let’s clean them up now, and fix them as they occur.

Architectural Refactoring

  • (DJC) Remove special case code from the Interpreter subsystem and Moderator(SPH)
  • (DJC) Modularize libGmatBase into several libraries.  The goal here is to fix the circular dependencies in the code, and as a side benefit to make some core components available as libraries.  Having GMAT build with one library is okay, IMO, but the cross-dependencies make code maintenance more difficult.

Component Refactoring

Expansion to the Parameter Subsystem (DSC)

  • Add an option that does not require multiple inheritance
  • Add a registration method so that a class can register, rather than needing to create an object

// Here's how I think we might do this -- but this doesn't work:
// register parameter names with info
ParameterInfo *pInfo = ParameterInfo::Instance();
pInfo->Add("AtmosDensity", Gmat::SPACECRAFT, Gmat::ORIGIN,
           "DefaultSC.AtmosDensity", GmatParam::ATTACHED_OBJ, true, true,
           false, false, "Atmospheric Density");

Existing High Value Quality Tickets

Tickets that to be considered for quality improvements should be marked with the JIRA label "Quality".  This filter tracks proposed quality improvements.



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