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Specifications Overview

Each feature in the production build of GMAT has an engineering specification that defines the working requirements, the user interfaces, and how the feature works.   GMAT's features are broken down into several categories to help organize and track related features.   Functional specifications are maintained in Google docs primarily because Google docs supports comments and markup during the review phases better than the wiki.  Features in GMAT are tracked by requirement Id.  For example, the Spacecraft Orbit State feature is governed by the requirement FRR-1. 

Use the following templates to create new specs:

Links to GMAT's feature specifications are below.

Basic Dynamics and Models Specifications

The basic dynamics model feature area contains features like orbital dynamics models, coordinate systems, attitude models, and solar system models such as planets, Libration points, and barycenter. 

FRR-1 Spacecraft Orbit State

FRR-2 Spacecraft Orbit Epoch

FRR-3 Spacecraft Ballistic Mass Properties

FRR-7 Spacecraft Attitude

FRC-10 Propagate Command

FRR-13 Force Model Spec

FRR-14 Numerical Integrators

FRR-16 Celestial Body

FRR-16 Solar System

FRR-17 Libration Point

FRR-18 Barycenter

FRR-27 Ephemeris Propagator

FRR-35 Coordinate Systems

FRR-10 Formation

FRR-15 GroundStation

Event Locator Utility

Powered Flight Specifications

The powered flight feature area covers features that model impulsive and finite maneuvers.

FRR-8 Spacecraft Tank Model

FRR-9 Thruster Model

FRR-11 Impulsive Burn

FRR-12 Finite Burn

FRR Spacraft Hardware

FRC-8 FiniteBurn Commands

FRC-9 Maneuver Command

Solver Infrastructure Specifications

The solver infrastructure feature area covers features related to targeting and optimization.

FRC-1 Optimize Command

FRC-2 Vary Command

FRC-3 Target Command

FRC-5 Achieve Command

FRC-6 Minimize Command

FRC-7 Nonlinear Constraint

FRR-19 Differential Corrector

FRR-20 fmincon Optimizer

FRR-21 VF13ad Optimizer

Programming Infrastructure Specifications

The programming infrastructure feature area covers features like control flow, variables, arrays and interfaces such as the MATLAB interface.

FRR-32 Variable

FRR-33 Array

FRR-34 String

FRR-36 MatlabFunction

FRR-38 Calculation Parameters

FRR-43 FileInterface

FRC-4 For

FRC-4 If/Else

FRC-4 While

FRC-13 ScriptEvent

FRC-19 Assignment

FRC-15 Stop

FRC-17 CallMatlabFunction

FRC-22 BeginMissionSequence

FRC-26 Display

FRC-25 Set

EIR-1 MATLAB Interface

FRAC-10 Script Language

Output and Utility Specifications

The programming infrastructure feature area covers features like reports, plots, and ephemeris files.

FRR-5 Spacecraft Visualization

FRC-11 Report Command

FRC-14 PenUp PenDown

FRC-16 Toggle

FRC-23 Clear Plot

FRC-24 Mark Point

FRR-28 Orbit View

FRR-29 XY Plot

FRR-30 Report File

FRR-31 Ephemeris File

FRR-42 Ground Track Plot

FRAC-8 Command Summary

Application Control Specifications

The programming infrastructure feature area covers features high level GMAT user interfaces such as the script language and the GUI.

FRAC-3 Script Editor

FRAC-6 Resource Tree

Mission Tree Feature Spec

Output Resource

Toolbar Feature Spec



Collocation Functionality

Saved Old Specs


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