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To Do

These are items that are left to do on the current task, in order of priority.

  1. Get GmatConsole building on Mac x64
  2. Deliver build system for ODTBX platforms on 10/18
  3. Fix high-priority (P1) feedback items (below)
  4. Incorporate production plugins (in order of priority below)
    1. CInterfacePlugin
    2. Vf13OptimizerPlugin (jazz)
  5. Finalize the documentation:
    • How to build GMAT (for end users)
    • How to use the build system (for code developers)
    • How the build system works (for build system maintainers)
    (note that these last two docs could be combined if the content is very similar)
  6. Fix medium-priority (P2) feedback items (below)


These are improvements that would be nice, but need not take time on the current task.

  • Incorporate production plugins (in order of priority below)
    • MatlabInterfacePlugin
    • FminconOptimizerPlugin
    • Msise86Plugin (jazz)
    • NRLMsise00Plugin (jazz)
  • Expand to cover non-ODTBX platforms (32-bit Mac, 32-bit Linux)
  • Expand to debug configuration
  • Allow for multiple GMAT assemblies (for example, build multiple configurations and end up with parallel fully-configured application trees)
  • Incorporate developmental plugins (in order of priority below).
    1. EphemPropagatorPlugin
    2. PolyhedronGravityPlugin (jazz)
    3. EstimationPlugin
    4. EventLocatorPlugin
    5. ExtraPropagatorsPlugin
    6. GmatFunctionPlugin
    7. MarsGRAMPlugin (jazz)
    8. DataFilePlugin (jazz)
    9. CcsdsEphemerisFilePlugin (jazz)
  • Incorporate configure script into CMake, where possible (let CMake do the dependencies)
  • Fix low-priority (P3) feedback items (below)

Instant Feedback


    • [DJC] = Darrel
    • [JJKP] = Joel
    • [JF] = Josh Fisher
    • [LOJ] = Linda
    • [WCS] = Wendy


    • [P1] - blocker
    • [P2] - by end of task
    • [P3] - future
    • not prioritized (assume [P2])


  • [P3] [JJKP] Use one README.txt file in root dir instead of two (or in addition)


  • [P3] [JJKP] use %path% for configure dependencies

  • [P3] [JJKP] autodetect gmat root dir

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't depend on 7z or wget or svn if possible

  • [P3] [JJKP] why download f2c source?

  • [P3] [JJKP] why check out wxWidgets from SVN?

  • [P3] [JJKP] only download necessary dependency architectures

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't need odbc for wxWidgets

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't need to clear screen beforehand

  • [P3] [JJKP] stop on fatal errors; don't blow through

  • [P3] [JJKP] configure should keep pwd in depends

  • [P3] [JJKP] don't download sofa, tsplot, pcre

  • [P3] [JJKP] autodetect mac instead of using -mac switch
  • [P3] [JJKP] use curl on Mac instead of wget
  • [P3] [JJKP] put configure status summary at the end (pass/fail for each item) 
  • [P3] [WCS] don't build wxWidgets on 64-bit Mac 
  • [P3] [JJKP] rename "depends"


  • [P3] [JJKP] may not need a build script; let's write instructions for using cmake directly

  • [P3] [JJKP] assemble in separate build trees, not in root application folder  

  • [P3] [JJKP] GUI executable should be named "GMAT"
  • [P3] [JJKP] is parallel compiling enabled on the different platforms?
    • [JF] Currently Only in Windows
  • [P3] [LOJ] is there a compiler log file that gets generated?
  • [P3] [LOJ] Windows: why vc_amd64_dll directory name is used for 64 bit?
  • [P3] [WCS] Mac: extra linker messages when compiling every file
  • [P3] [WCS] don't try to build GUI on 64-bit Mac
  • [P1] [JJKP] debugging with a breakpoint doesn't work in Visual Studio 
    • [JF] Initial Research turned up no clues on how to fix the CMAKE script to allow breakpoints. It seems as though there are options in Visual Studio that CMAKE is not outputting correctly. However I can not find any reference information on how to do this programmatically from CMAKE. We may have to make a User Guide for developers to use to change specific Visual Studio Project/Solution settings after the CMAKE generation is complete and before the developer "builds". 
  • [P2] [DJC] Linux: "c++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-Wl’"
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