Unsupported Features

  • Remote Subversion repository integration with Confluence/JIRA/Crucible/Fisheye (Bamboo support available).
  • Plugins (Only the initial plugins are supported). No way to integrate subversion with JIRA
  • Wiki syntax.
  • No way to sync sourceforge subversion commits with OnDemand SVN repo or Github/Git/Bitbucket repos.
  • Without sourceforge svn integration with JIRA; the Confluence system will not have any support for linking source information into wiki pages.


  • The homepage data is still linked to TikiWiki.
  • Limited to 10 users for now. (9 including admin account)


  • The JIRA installation is the same as gmat's existing JIRA system except that there is no support for plugins and no support for integration with existing sourceforge SVN. Because of this there really is no value or benefit for the Gmat team to "Test" this infrastructure.
  • JIRA OnDemand is hidden for testing purposes as it gives no value for the gmat team to test. See note above.
  • Confluence OnDemand can not be used without JIRA OnDemand. This would require a port of all existing JIRA to OnDemand JIRA.
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