1. Copy ReleaseNotes_R2012a.xml to ReleaseNotes_R2013a.xml
  2. Count lines of code: Finding added lines of code
  3. Collect features and improvements from NTR, comparing to R2012a. Send email to team asking for additional ones.
  4. Find deprecated fields by creating an svn diff from the last release until now and searching for "deprecated"
  5. Get number of bugs closed since last release
  6. Get number of developers from TortoiseSVN Log Viewer
  7. Number of system tests from latest nightly test results
  8. Include static list of important outstanding bugs in this release


Finding added lines of code

  1. Download working copies of <SourceForge>/trunk/src and <Jazz>/trunk/code
  2. Download working copies of code from last release
  3. Use cloc to compare C++, C/C++ Header, and C lines of code. Include plugin code from each public release.


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