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This page documents our current development areas and goals.  It also contains links to documents relevant to current development areas.

Note:  Some documents are password protected per NASA software release requirements.  For example, design documents related to current development can only be made public after formal release approval including export control.  These documents are marked with an "*".

High Level Feature Overview


Feature AreasTeamDesciption
Event LocationJJKP, WCS, YRL, JB
  • Shadow location between spacecraft occulted by ellipsoidal celestial body.
  • Station to spacecraft line-of-site   given elevation angle constraint
Optimal ControlSPH, WCS, YKK, JC, EK

MATLAB Prototype Only.  GMAT Implementation Scheduled for R2016a.

  • Radau Collocation
  • Multple Phase with Linkage costraints
  • Mesh refinement
  • Sparse finite differencing
  • Event Constraints
  • Path Constraints
  • Bolza Cost Function
  • Chemical, Electric, and Impulsive Optimization
NavigationDSC, DJC, TDN, MJN
  • Batch estimator (with sigma editing)
  • DSN Range Doppler
  • GN Range Doppler
  • Media Corrections
  • Basic GMAT Functions
  • Subsriber (If time allows)

High Level Documentation

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Optimal Control

GMAT Functions

Event Location