Script/Base Code Testing



An issue has been found when running sample missions in particular order.  It appears the behavior is different on different machines even.  The issue is when user defined variables, Python functions, and/or GMAT functions have the same name.

Create Array cross[1,3]

Create GmatFunction cross


When running scripts back to back, this can corrupt the namespace resulting in errors. 

ClosedSPHWe should add a warning to the  user guide a warning about variable and function name conflicts, fix the scripts. 

GUI Test


GMAT randomly fails to find the main icon file about 10% of the time in GUI system testing.    At this point, GMAT must be shut down.  This did not occur in RC1.

ClosedLOJThis is not a TestComplete interaction and happens when starting manually as well.   We should analyze commits made between RC1 and RC2 to determine what caused this, then fix it.   We reverted the change that caused this.


GMAT function files required for sample missions are not in the bundle.  Some sample missions have hard coded paths that work on test machines but not on generic machines.ClosedSPHFix hard coded paths.  Add the functions.  Test on a clean system.
Inconsistent line endings in files. Line endings were not consistent and now most files have inconsistent line endings.ClosedSPHWhen we updated copyright info, line endings are inconsistent.  Fix line endings to be unix style.

Final Evaluation

Required Code/Config Changes

RC3 Testing and Schedule