The GMAT project will spend a significant amount of time during our R2017 release development on code cleanup, developer documentation, quality improvements, and refactoring for improved long-term positioning.   

When adding ideas, please put your initials in-line, so we know who to contact in case more information is needed. 


Key Developer Documentation

Code Cleanup

Architectural Refactoring

Component Refactoring

Expansion to the Parameter Subsystem (DSC)

// register parameter names with info
ParameterInfo *pInfo = ParameterInfo::Instance();
pInfo->Add("AtmosDensity", Gmat::SPACECRAFT, Gmat::ORIGIN,
           "DefaultSC.AtmosDensity", GmatParam::ATTACHED_OBJ, true, true,
           false, false, "Atmospheric Density");

Ephemeris stuff (JJKP)

(If this isn't already being done)

(JJKP) Refactor the EphemerisFile and EphemerisPropagator subsystems to allow easy addition of new types (e.g. via a plugin). Similar to the work being done to parameters above.

SolarSystem (JJKP)

(JJKP) Update and clean up default SolarSystem values. Scrub for hard-coded values & replace with files/inputs where possible.

Existing High Value Quality Tickets

Tickets to be considered for quality improvements should be marked with the JIRA label "Quality".  This filter tracks proposed quality improvements.   Tickets prioritized as P1s tend to get addressed naturally.  This is intended to address some high value P2s that have been ignored for too long.