GMAT makes official releases to the public approximately once every 6-12 months.

Official Releases

GMAT is a cross-platform application, but we publish binaries on Windows only. For other platforms, see below to start from source. The latest official version is R2012a, released May 23, 2012.

Certain plugins are disabled by default. These can be enabled by uncommenting the appropriate PLUGIN lines in GMAT\bin\gmat_startup_file.txt:

Source Code

If you use Mac or Linux, or if you just want the latest code, you can choose to build GMAT yourself. Our continuously-updated public code is hosted in the following Subversion repository:

See Developmentfor compiling instructions.

Internal Users

Internal (NASA GSFC) users can download GMAT from the project's network share.

Internal Releases

We have special installers and binaries for internal users that contain some extra plugins we don't yet have permission to release. Browse to this location:


The following files are available:

  • gmat-internal-winInstaller-i586-R2012a-Beta.exe: Windows installer (internal version)
  • Windows zip distribution (internal version)
  • extra plugins for the public releases. Extract this file over your existing GMAT installation to add the extra plugins, then uncomment the appropriate PLUGIN lines in GMAT\bin\gmat_startup_file.txt to enable them.

Daily Builds

We post daily development builds to the following location:


This location contains these folders:

  • LatestCompleteVersion: the latest full GMAT instance. Copy this to your computer and run LatestCompleteVersion\bin\GMAT.exe.
  • YYYY-MM-DD folders: compiled files only from that day's build. To use this, copy the contents over your existing GMAT installation. Note that if the two versions are very different, changes in other files may render your GMAT installation inoperable. If this happens, start with LatestCompleteVersion, above.

Source Code

The main source code repository is the public SourceForge-hosted one above. Certain internal plugins and other unreleased files are stored in the following internal repository:


See the GMAT development team for access.