Overview of Contributor Resources

You, your business, or your organization can get involved in the GMAT project in numerous ways. We use an open source model  and welcome new contributors to the project, either as users providing feedback about the features of the system, or developers interested in contributing to the implementation of the system.  If you're interested in the project and want to get involved, thank you! This page contains some ideas that will get you started.

Exploring GMAT

Are you interested in mission design?
Do you like software development?
Do you enjoy space and open source?


Current Development Launch Pad

If you are interested in  current development activities by the core GMAT team see our Current Development Dashboard.  This page contains the following information:

Contributing to User Documentation

GMAT has a comprehensive User's Guide available in pdf, html, and Windows help formats.   The User's Guide is written in XML and published using DocBook.  All files required to write and build Users Guide are located in our SourceForge repository.  You can contribute to the user's guide in many ways including

For more information see Writing User Documentation.

Contributing to Testing

GMAT is a complex system used to support operational spacecraft.  We have extensive policies and procedures for testing GMAT.  We have over 10,000 regression tests run nightly or weekly to ensure system quality including script-based and GUI-based testing.  You can contribute to testing in many ways including

Contributing to Development

You can add new features to GMAT and see those features adopted by the community.  Our process for contributing code to GMAT is covered in the Governance pages.   You don't need to be an expert in C++ to contribute to GMAT functionality.  You can

For more information see the Development launchpad.


See the Projects list for contribution ideas.