This page contains review feedback for the initial design/layout of the wiki. 







Overall I am very pleased with the look/feel.  I think some changes are necessary to the LHS menu and launch pad pages and we are ready for major migration of data.


I have one overall comment that may be useful to incorporate (writing this after the comments below, so expect a repeat there).  When I look at the Wiki page pretending to be a new user, I get lots of links to GMAT details that I can drill into, but don't have anything that helps me clue in to how to get started.  So I'd put a link in the left side navigation bar labeled "New to GMAT" with links to friendly pages "For new users" and "For new contributors", with with underlying pages that talk about how to get started for each group of folks.  Basically, let's lower the cost of entry by giving new folks some pointers about where to start out in learning an actually pretty complex new system.