This page describes how to build the GMAT User Guide and Training Manual from sources. The User Guide and Training Manual are both configurations of the same set of source documents.

Check out the sources

Check out the documentation sources from the GMAT SourceForge repository. The Subversion URL for the documentation is:

Or, you can check out the entire trunk. The documentation is stored in the doc/help directory.

Internal users will need to check out the internal gmat.git repository. Again, look in the doc/help directory.

Get the prerequisites

You'll need the following prerequisites to build the User Guide:


Download the Java SE JRE or JDK from Oracle, if you don't already have it installed. Both versions 6 and 7 should work. I haven't tested earlier versions. You'll need to add the main javaexecutable to your system path.

MSYS (Windows only)

Download the MinGW installer from SourceForge. The installer will ask if you want to install MSYS; make sure you select this option. You can install the other components if you wish, but MSYS is the only required component.

HTML Help Workshop (optional, Windows only)

Download htmlhelp.exe from Microsoft and install it. You'll need to add the path to hhc.exe to your Pathenvironment variable. This is only needed for CHM format output.

Build the User Guide
Advanced usage

The documentation Makefilesupports the following main targets: