Overview of User Resources

Welcome to GMAT! We're glad you're interested in using our software.  See the links and information below on how to get started using GMAT. 

Obtaining the GMAT Application

You can download all of GMAT's public releases from SourceForge in zip and installer form. 

Learning How to Use GMAT

We have spent a lot of time documenting GMAT and preparing tutorials and training material.  GMAT's User Guide is available in pdf, Windows help, and html formats from the links provided below. 

If you are new to GMAT, we recommend you read the entire section called "Using GMAT" in the User Guide.  The "Using GMAT" section provides a feature overview of GMAT, explains how to install and configure the system, shows how to run sample missions distributed with GMAT, and gives an overview of GMAT's user interfaces.  We also recommend that you take all of the tutorials in the "Tutorials" section of the User Guide.  This material provides a complete overview and training course to get started using GMAT on real-world trajectory design and modelling problems.

Finally, we have provide training videos on YouTube.



Current Development



GMAT documentation is build from Latex and DocBook source located in our Subversion repository.

More Resources

If you need more help, see the following pages for information on submitting a bug report or feature request, or for contact information.